What do I do if the keypad ALARMS?

Makes sure to follow your company's procedures.


Our suggested basic procedures are to:

1. Look to see if anyone is at the dispenser the keypad shows the alarm on.

   If you see anyone, make notes of any details you can see. Truck color, name or number on the door.

2. Alert your maintenance or security personnel onsite, DO NOT go running out the door screaming.

3a.  Inspect the dispenser for tampering, take pictures of anything that looks odd.

3b. If you are alone, leave the dispenser down. Once the vehicle has pulled away from the dispenser you        should block off the island until someone can inspect for tampering. 

4.  If you find the wiring or sensors have been tampered with, leave the fuel island blocked and notify           management. We suggest not using the dispenser until it can be inspected fully and repairs made.

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